ROA presented the NOMADE project at Fuorisalone2019 design Arch. Michele Perlini
ROA presented the NOMADE project at Fuorisalone2019 design Arch. Michele Perlini

ROA - Steel house construction

Our name has its roots in a Maori word: ROA. Its meaning already lays the foundation for our work, as it can be translated in English into the term “everlasting”, a sort of timeless eternity. Never could a significance have been more appropriate to describe our work: we design and realize steel structure houses. We derive our mission from the power and suggestion of this Maori word: our aim is to build houses made to last, free from the rules imposed by fashion and trends, belonging to that timeless taste that represents the true high quality design.

We build hi-tech spaces developed for people’s well-being, keeping in mind all the technical and regulatory aspects. Moreover, we are specialised in balancing the inhabitants’ comfort with environmental sustainability. ROA is composed of engineers, architects and professionals with many years of experience who, from the design phase to the end of the construction, pursue new made-to-measure solutions through a continuous research in order to satisfy the individual needs.

The are many advantages in building a steel house.

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Steel structures absorb seismic energy and perfectly respond to the highest safety standards while maintaining the lightness that characterizes them.


Prefabrication reduces the working time in the construction site and allows obtaining a turnkey house in just six months.


Our construction materials are accurately chosen depending on the climatic zone and allow reaching the best level of thermal and acoustic comfort.


Thanks to the potential of dry construction system, it is possible to save money on energy consumption and gain an A4 certification. The materials we use can be dismantled and recycled, for a minimum environmental impact.

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Dry construction systems allow the realisation of walls that are able to insulate almost completely the inside of the rooms from the outside, thanks to very low heat loss values. ROA has the purpose of finding out new strategies to reduce energy consumption and guarantee the inhabitants’ well-being, always taking into account the climatic condition of the environment. The choice of the materials is particularly accurate and allows reaching a great level of comfort both in winter and in summer.

Thanks to the potential of the dry system, it is possible to build homes belonging to energy efficiency class A+, which currently includes less than 2% of buildings worldwide. The performances of our houses represent a real form of investment through the years as regards energy consumption costs.


- Lighter than conventional systems like brick or concrete
- Faster construction
- Superior acoustics performance in terms of insulation
- Tested and certified systems
- Unlimited solutions for cladding
- Flexibility in terms of modifications and refurbishment
- Green and recyclable

All these benefits packed in one system are a rare combination and therefore give architects flexibility in designing spaces.


The advantages of a building with main structure in steel and dry wall system are many and, without doubts, safety is the main one because this type of building is anti-seismic thanks to the features of the steel. Steel structures have the capacity of absorbing the seismic energy thanks to the plasticity of the material although the structural weight is considerably lower when compared to traditional construction methods such as concrete. For this very reason, they reduce the passive seismic energies on the structure ensuring a greater capacity of dissolving the seismic action. However, safety is only one of the advantages of the steel construction philosophy. Other key factors such as quality, energy-efficiency, resistance, flexibility, sustainability and cost certainty are also big advantages that come only with steel. You know how much your house or building is going to cost you, no further unpleasant surprises will happen during the development of the project because our steel structures are prefabricated. Before getting into production, we study every single aspect of the project and everything is calculated meticulously, including the construction costs. At the same time we also look after the environment as our dry-wall systems are made of sustainable materials, just like steel and we can also ensure total thermal insulation improving quality of living.

The prefabricated steel construction system reduces the processing time in the building site and allows the completion of the building in only six months. The period needed for the realisation is estimated in advance through the definition of a timeline that will be strictly fulfilled. The execution planning must be very careful and is decisive to guarantee the velocity and the precision of the installation. The building is completely finished after four months from the beginning of the assembly of the metal structure.

We build hi-tech spaces developed for people’s well-being.

“The architect’s job is to give a client not what he wants, but what he never dreamed that he wanted.”

Denys Lasdun

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